25+ Self-care Activities to Help You Get Started Right Away

25+ Self-care Activities to Help You Get Started Right Away

In this post, I give you 25+ activities to get started with self-care immediately.

Self-care activities to get started with immediately

The impact of self-care on your day as a mom cannot be overemphasised. You work hard daily, expending physical and emotional energy to keep everything together. To keep your zeal and energy levels up, you must engage in activities that uplift you and make you feel refreshed and positive. 

While self-care can seem like another task on your to-do list or something which takes out of your time that’s hardly enough, consider it a task that makes other tasks bearable. Getting started doesn’t necessarily require a lot of planning and discovery. You can begin immediately with everything that you already have. 

Self-care differs for different people. For each person, it is affected by their personality, environment, lifestyle and experiences. So my idea of self-care could be entirely different from yours. The important thing is, at the end of it, you should feel elevated and positive. 

Here are some tips to help you come up with ideas

  1. Make a list of activities that make you feel refreshed and good 

Try to think back to what gave you joy before you assumed the role of a mother. That might give you an idea of what to do as self-care now. 

  1. Think about the things you’re missing out on

Like the rest of us, you may feel like you’re missing out on life somehow. What are those things that make you think so? Make a list and try them out one after the other.

  1. Explore new hobbies 

Try something new for fun and decide which one you’d love to stick with. Trying something new, such as learning to paint, knit, or swim can give you a bigger sense of autonomy and give you dopamine as you unlock different levels of achievement.

  1. Join a community

Hanging out with moms and sharing experiences and tips can help you figure a lot out in your life and make you feel like you’re not alone.

  1. Set some life goals for yourself and work towards achieving them

Human beings are goal-oriented/purpose-driven and we feel like our lives have a purpose when we’re chasing a goal for ourselves. You can learn a new language, shed 20 lbs, eat clean and healthy, start a business from home, etc. 

When you try the above tips, you’ll already have a list of a few things that make you happy. 

But by being moms, we already have a lot in common. So the following is a list of self-care activities you can start immediately. 

Self-care Activities You Can Start now

  1. Personal grooming 

Take a long shower/bath, put a little make-up on, and dress up to look beautiful. Wear some clothes that make you look good and comfortable.

  1. Massage therapy

Try getting a massage to relieve physical stress and exhaustion. 

  1. Practice gratitude

Look at your life and see all the blessings you’ve been gifted with. Be grateful for them. Gratitude brings joy and contentment. 

  1. Get your hair done

getting your hair made can make you look more appealing and feel pampered. When you look good, you feel good

  1. Hang out with your friends

spending some time with your friend, and catching up, helps relieve stress and fosters emotional well-being 

  1. Go see nature

Try and spend some time outdoors, in nice cool weather. It helps you escape your normal chaos, calms you and helps you think. It can also help you feel grateful that you’re still alive. 

  1. Go for a run

or a walk. Any form of outdoor exercise will do. Exercise releases dopamine Which makes you feel good. You also feel like you’ve done something good for your health which adds to the feeling of self-care 

  1. Try painting

You don’t have to be an artist to paint anything. What is art anyway, other than an expression of physical skills or feelings or thoughts? 

  1. Get yourself a gift

Buy something nice for yourself. A new bra? The lipstick shade you’ve been wanting to have, another nightwear, anything nice that you can afford. 

  1. Outsource your chores

If your chores are overwhelming, hiring help can free up some of your time. The feeling that comes with not having to do those chores, it’s unexplainable, good. 

  1. Take a nap

This one is golden. As a mom, you probably need a nap. Take it. Your problems are probably not ending anytime soon, anyway. You might as well just sleep with them. 

  1. Get a mani and pedi 

You can give yourself some or get it professionally done. If your hands and feet are looking well kept, you’ll feel good, trust me. 

  1. Get facials

Same principle: if you look good, you feel good. And getting facials makes you feel like you’re taking care of yourself, so have at it! 

  1. Try exfoliating

You probably have one part of your body that needs exfoliating. It’s engaging and physically stimulating to exfoliate. Not only will you get nice skin after, but you’ll also feel good. 

  1. Do a DIY project

 If you are a little crafty, try doing some DIY projects. Creating something especially if it’s practical, like crochet or knitted beanies, decorative items, outfits, furniture, etc, makes you feel useful and good. 

  1. Read a good book 

A good book, especially fiction, helps you escape reality and move into another world. But any engaging book is fine. 

  1. Practice meditation 

Sitting upright and breathing helps you connect to your inner self. Breathing exercises, when done properly, also help you relax and calm your racing thoughts. 

  1. Listen to a podcast

This is especially useful when you have a lot to do, but need some personal time at the same time. Plug your ears and listen to your favourite podcast shows. 

  1. Stretching 

This physcial activity relieves muscle tension, brings you to the moment and helps you relax. It also releases dopamine and you feel good afterwards

  1. Watch an episode of your favourite show 

Whenever you can, try and watch one or two episodes of your favourite shows. Spend some time alone after you get some healthy snacks and watch away! 

  1. Invest in personal development

Learning a new skill or improving on the ones you already have is a great way to bring out your life purpose. Try to implement (or practice) what you’re learning as you learn it, and track your progress or skill level. It helps you feel purposeful. 

  1. Play games with your kids

If you can’t get some time alone, consider engaging them in some age-appropriate activities. Play with them and crate some memories together.

  1. Attend on-site events that are uplifting

Show up for friends’ ceremonies, or some events that can potentially uplift you. Attend networking events, hangout events, and parties. Get up, get dressed, meet new people. 

  1. Positive affirmations

Remind yourself that you are beautiful, strong, reliable, and are chosen to be a mother of your wonderful children.

  1. Write a memoir 

It can be hard to start, but try writing a memoir. You’ll be surprised to see how much you know. It will also engage your intellect. 

  1. Bond with your partner

You’re already in love, and they’re the closest people to empathise with you. They’re familiar with your situation and may want you to know that they’ve got you. 

  1. Light up some incense or diffuse essential oils

When your space smells good, your mood will lift and you’ll feel good. There’s a premium feeling that comes with having a nice-smelling personal space 

  1. Volunteer

You’re already volunteering for a great cause just by mothering. But if you’re up to it, try and volunteer to help others out too. 

Some Tips to Help You Get Some Self-care Done

  1. Plan it ahead 

Make out some time on your planner to dedicate for self-care. It’s just like many other activities, when you don’t plan it, you’ll probably forget or not take it seriously. So put it down with the rest of your planned activities.

  1. Wake up early

Rise early from bed whenever you can, ahead of others in your household. By doing so, you get some time to yourself to do anything you plan for as self-care before the world is awake. 

  1. Outsource

Pay someone to do some of your chores and use the open time to do some self-care 

  1. Involve your children

 You can involve them with house chores so that you can finish faster, or involve them in your self-care. Play games with them, go on a walk with them,  

  1. Ask for help from your loved ones 

Ask  your parents or siblings or friends to watch your children or do some chores for you and take the open time to get some self-care done.

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